prom court
Southern Local High School’s 2023 Prom is Saturday, April 22 from 8pm to midnight with walk-in 7pm-8pm. The queen candidates are:
Kaden Johnson, daughter of Charlie and Mandy Johnson. She plans to attend Washington State to become a medical lab tech. 
Sydney Morris, daughter of Jeffery and Jennifer Morris. She plans on becoming a vet tech. 
Chloe Smith, daughter of Rick and Angie Smith. She plans on attending Rio Grande for a degree in social work. 
Hannah Smith, daughter of Heather and Shannon Smith. She plans to attend Ohio University for a degree in nursing while also participating on their track and field team. 
Ella Turner, daughter of Noah Turner and Emily Hawkins. She plans to attend Rio Grande to obtain a degree in early education. 
The king candidates are:
Cruz Brinager, son of Scottie and Janey Brinager. He plans to attend Washington State for a degree in nursing. 
Waylon Dillion, son of Danielle Carsey and Dustin Dillon. He plans on joining a union. 
Mason Pullins, son of Scott Johnson and Stacey Pullins. He plans to attend Rio Grande to study computer science. 
Andrew Riffle, son of Monte and Jennifer Riffle. He plans to join the union for pipe fitters. 
Kolten Thomas, son Bree and the late Cliff Thomas. He plans to attend Marietta College to study athletic training.