Southern High School

English 12

Course Syllabus



Course Description

This course serves as a continuation of various English grammar and writing concepts and their application to society.  This course involves fundamentals of English grammar, writing skills, computer typing skills, spelling skills, etc.  Upon completion of this course, students should be able to research and compose a grammatically correct written assignment and use and apply fundamental grammar and spelling skills.


Class Rules

Most of my rules are common sense.  My saying is don’t do something that your grandmother would be embarrassed about.  Here are some basic rules:

1. Be in class when the tardy bell rings, not within eyesight of the class!

2.Be prepared with necessary materials, i.e. writing utensil, paper, etc.

3.Wait your turn to speak in class.  Also, if I am speaking, nobody else is speaking!



            Elements of Literature, Sixth Course



            Mr. Brian M. Allen



Course Grading

This class grade is split up into three sections: literature, writing, and homework/class work.  Each area is separate from the other two.  In other words, a student that does no homework will probably not pass since that area is worth 33% of the total grade.  Bonus points can be acquired in various ways.  With writing assignments, I use a rubric to grade, but I do give extra credit for writing that exceeds the requirements.  I also give bonus points from time to time on tests.


Grading Scale

            92-100 A         83-91 B           74-82 C           65-73 D           0-64 F



If you are absent, it is your responsibility to contact another student or the teacher to obtain notes.  All tests and assignments must be made up within one week of the missed day.


Major Assignments

The major 12th grade readings will be Beowulf and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  We will also read many short stories, literary and informational, related to various units.  All short story readings will include a 3X5 writing assignment related to the text.


A large portion of the senior English class will involve a senior project, where students will pick a career and a mentor for that career, research their career, and then present their career choice to various locals.


We will complete three major writing assignments: narrative, informational, and argumentative.  The informational writing assignment will tie in with the senior project by having students research their given career choice.  Finally, the argumentative assignment will include classroom debates.


Grammar will be included in nearly all assignments, as we work on refining capitalization and punctuation rules.



            Students in Honors courses are expected to have the following characteristics:

  • High academic achievement and intellectual ability;
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline;
  • Good organizational skills;
  • Excellent written expression;
  • An avid interest in reading;
  • Good oral communication skills;
  • An ability to work independently and collaboratively;
  • Good citizenship and attendance

My honors class will include the regular curriculum plus extra opportunities for classroom discussion, writing assignments, and classroom projects.  Honors students will complete a reading unit every nine week outside of the classroom and will read weekly with grade school students as time allows.


Academic Integrity

All students are expected to uphold high standards of academic honesty and integrity.  Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a failing grade for the course.  Each and every student is a valuable member of this class.  No one will be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, social class, abilities, or differing viewpoints.



Extra Notes

If a student misses a final and did not obtain an advanced excuse from both the principal and the teacher, then the student will receive a zero for that test.


If you receive services under an IEP, please notify the teacher.  (Does not have to be in-class or done publicly.)


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