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I am Sharon Gantt,  your child's 1st grade teacher. I hope to make your child's learning experience a fun and exciting one. I am looking forward to working with you and feel privileged to be part of such a great community of students, teachers, administrators, and families! This is an exciting time of year for all of us!  As your child and I get to know each other over the next few weeks I ask that you be patient with me so I can find ways that will best help him or her to adapt to the first grade and all that is expected of them.  This webpage has information on all of the areas questions may come up in.  If you have any questions that are not answered please feel free to contact me.

Forms-On the first day of school you will receive papers that need to be filled out and returned to school.  It is very important that you return these to the school as soon as possible to make sure we have all of your child’s most current information. e All forms must be returned. 

Homework Folders-There will be times during the school year we will send home papers that need to be returned so please make sure you are checking their homework folders and returning them daily.  The folder will also be the way your child brings home what they are doing in class.  Please take the time to look at their work and ask your child about what they learned.  Good feedback for their work is a boost for your child and encourages them to want to keep going. You will find a weekly sheet on the back cover of their folder. This will have the academic skills we are working on as well as any upcoming events or notifications for the week.

Chromebooks- We will be working with Chromebooks a lot throughout the school year.  They will be used for learning activities that will enhance what we are learning in the classroom.  This will allow each child to be able to get additional help in a subject area or allow them to expand on what they have already learned.  Each student is monitored while they are using them to ensure they are on what is assigned. This is also a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom.  

Reading- Reading is a very important part of the first grade curriculum.  In order to become a successful reader, students need decoding skills.  These include letter recognition and articulation, blending of words, an understanding of sentence structure, a 100+ sight word vocabulary, ability to read fluently, and comprehension of what was read. 

Spelling- There will be daily practice of the words at school and the students should study the words at home.  

Math- Hands-on activities are used in the classroom to help students master all mathematics skills. A wide variety of math manipulatives are used to accommodate each student's individual learning preference.

Writing- Writing is a skill used to reinforce the other areas of our language arts program. Daily the children will be encouraged to look at topics that interest them and write about them.  They will work through the writing process of draft, revise, edit, and publish on their work. 

Handwriting- Handwriting will be checked for neatness, proper spacing between words and letters, correct letter formation in writing assignments and in their daily writing.

PTO- Our school is in need of PTO members.  Please consider joining the team.  All parents are welcome. 


Contact information-

   Sharon Gantt

   School number- 949-4222 ext. 4115

   Email- sharon.gantt@southernlocal.net


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