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CLONE Staff Directory

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Belinda Adams

Titles: Kindergarten Aide

Tricia Adams

Titles: Psychologist Assistant

Carmen Adkins

Titles: Assistant To The Treasurer

Brian Allen

Titles: High School English

Southern Alumni

Titles: Alumni Webmaster

Brooke Arnold

Titles: Head Start

Katie Ash

Titles: 5-6 Math

Zach Ash

Titles: 2nd Grade

Edward Baker

Titles: Tech Coordinator

Shelly Barr

Titles: Grade 4

Beth Bay

Titles: Director of Federal Programs / Special Education / Curriculum Director

Jeff Beaver

Titles: Custodian

Wendy Beegle

Titles: Primary Intervention Specialist

Daniel Buckley

Titles: High School Science

Jeff Caldwell

Titles: Grade 7 LA

Ryan Chapman

Titles: Director of Operations

Rachel Cornell

Titles: Speech Pathologist

Alan Crisp

Titles: High School Intervention Specialist, Athletic Director

Heather Dailey-Johnson

Titles: Elementary PE

Beth Davis

Titles: Grades 3 & 4 Aide

Ryan Davis

Titles: High School Math

Anthony Deem

Titles: Superintendent

Chad Dodson

Titles: Band Director

Diane Dunfee

Titles: Family and Consumer Science

Leslie Dunfee

Titles: Elementary School Intervention

Christy Essick

Titles: Kindergarten

Misty Evans

Titles: Secretary Pre k-6

Misty Fields

Titles: Kindergarten

Russ Fields

Titles: High School Counselor

Sharon Gantt

Titles: Grade 1

Kim Grueser

Titles: Superintendent Secretary, Federal Programs Secretary

Meg Guinther

Titles: Title 1 / Literacy Coach

Olivia Hawley

Titles: K-6 Guidance Counselor

Christi Hendrix

Titles: Treasurer

Jenny Hendrix

Titles: Custodian

Missy Hoback

Titles: Grade 4

Rachel Hupp

Titles: Kindergarten

Darren Jackson

Titles: Music Teacher | Website Administrator

Wyatt Jarrell

Titles: Southern HS P.E. Teacher

Dawn Johnson

Titles: Grade 1

Elizabeth Johnson

Titles: Computer Lab

Lelah Jones

Titles: K-2 Aide

Gary Kapp

Titles: Aide

Hazel Knotts

Titles: 9-12 Science

Elizabeth Kratzer

Titles: Intervention

Beth Lanning

Titles: Career Coach

Autumn Lisle

Titles: Grades 5/6 Language Arts

Jack Lyons

Titles: Bus Driver

Courtney Manuel

Titles: Grades 5/6 Science

Jenny Manuel

Titles: Grade 7 Math

Kayte Manuel

Titles: High School Spanish

David Maxson

Titles: High School Social Studies

Junetta Maynard

Titles: School Nurse

Tricia McNickle

Titles: Principal (Pre K -6 ), Curriculum Director,

Jenna Meeks

Titles: Agriculture

Haley Musser

Titles: Grade1

Ashley Neal

Titles: Grade 3

Joy Neal

Titles: Grade 4

Greg Nease

Titles: Custodian

Jody Norris

Titles: Title I

James O'Brien

Titles: Bus Driver

Ann Ohlinger

Titles: High School Biology and Physical Science

Daniel Otto

Titles: Jr./Sr. High School Principal

Cody Patterson

Titles: Custodian

Jordan Pickens

Titles: High School Social Studies

Kevin Porter

Titles: High School Intervention

Tim Prange

Titles: 7/8 Science

Melissa Reedy

Titles: Bus Driver

Carolee Richards

Titles: Psychologist

Jennifer Riffle

Titles: Grade 5/6 Reading

Amanda Rinaldi

Titles: High School Math

Martie Rose

Titles: Grade 5/6 Social Studies

Amy Roush

Titles: Intervention Specialist / High School RY

Jennifer Roush

Titles: Talented & Gifted (TAG)

Lori Sharp

Titles: Grade 8 Language Arts

Angie Smith

Titles: Pre-School

Cheryl Smith

Titles: Bus Driver

Chris Stout

Titles: Intervention Specialist

Lindsay Thomas

Titles: Grade 3

Tim Thoren

Titles: EMIS/Lunchroom

Jonna Turley

Titles: Secretary 7-12

Jordan Warden

Titles: 3rd Grade

Lori Warden

Titles: Library

Laurie Watts

Titles: Intervention
1 2 > showing 1 - 100 of 106 constituents