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Counseling Services

Southern Local School District offers an abundance of opportunities for students seeking academic, career, social/emotional, personal development, and mental health services. Individual, group, and classroom counseling is available to every student who attends Southern Local School District. Our district currently staffs two, full-time school counselors, Jr./Sr. High and Elementary. Please follow the links below to learn more about each counselor and their services.

Russ Fields

Mr. Fields 

Jr./Sr. High School Counselor 

Grades 7-12 

Click here to learn more about Mr. Fields' Services


 Mrs. Olivia Hawley

Elementary School Counselor

Grades Pre-K - 6

Click here to learn more about Mrs. Hawley's Services

School Counselors assist students in academic, career, and social/emotional development in line with the ASCA National Model and OSCES standards for School Counselors. Some of the topics that may be addressed with a student include anxiety, peer relations, grief or a loss, study skills, family changes, college/career planning, and anger management. These subject areas can be addressed on a short -term basis or as ongoing assistance throughout the year. Parents/guardians, teachers, and staff may also refer or give permission for a student to see the counselor when they feel it is appropriate.

If a student’s need requires assistance from an outside agency or organization, the school counselors can help you and your family find the best available resources. You school counselors will proactively work hard, collaborate with others in the school and community, and always advocate for the achievement and success of all Southern students!


School-Based Services

Hopewell Health Centers (formerly Tri-County Mental Health) and Woodland Centers both work with Southern Local School District in providing school-based counseling. This service allows their counselors to foster a team approach with school personnel and conveniently see clients without them having to leave the building and miss class. Below are links to both organizations. Please contact the school counselors, or the organizations directly, to learn more about these services and information on the referral process.


Hopewell Health Centers:

Woodland Centers: