Lunch Menu

Last Updated: 11/3/2021 7:10 PM

Possible Menu Changes
Dear Parents and Friends of the Southern Local School District:

Last Spring our food suppliers warend participating schools, including Southern Local, that a food shortage was imminent.  You may have noticed that our menu has not been displaying the variety that we once were able to.  This lack of availability of menu items has caused this change. The supply-demand problem has become more of a problem the past six weeks.

Going forward, the posted menu on the website could change at any given time, possibly daily.  Our kitchen staff here at Southern has put in extra time to ensure we have the food items needed to feed our kids. Our freezers and coolers are full. We are prepared and have planned ahead, but as the problem worsens, we could have a scenario whereas the elementary is served one menu and the jr./sr. high school another menu based on product availability. Currently, we have enough food on hand to get through the upcoming months.  

We will try to keep updates posted on the website. 

At Southern Local, all kids eat free as a result of qualifying for the Community Eligibility Program (CEP). Students grades PK-12 are served a free breakfast and free lunch.  

Notice: Because of the supply problems noted above one of our most popular items for breakfast - "Bob Evans Sausage patties and biscuits" are out of stock.  Please let your child know we will have these again once they are available.  IF your child's favorite item is not on the menu and once was, most likely it is because the item is out of stock.  


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