PEP Grant

Goals for PEP Grant       

1. To provide all K-12 students with enhanced physical activity instruction and opportunities that allow them to understand, improve, or maintain their physical fitness.

2. Provide all K-12 students with enhanced nutrition and health instruction that allows them to understand, improve, or maintain healthy eating habits.

3. Build systemic capacity through development of mechanisms and policies for sustainable promotion and support of students' fitness, health, and nutrition.



       This year, Southern Local School District was awarded a Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant.  PEP is a highly competitive federally funded grant program aimed at preventing childhood and adolescent obesity by improving our physical education (PE) programs to help students.  Our school district is focusing on projects that promote lifelong physical activity and healthy eating.

             We anticipate receiving three years of grant funded which began October 1, 2013 and ends September 30, 2016.  During this time, we will be able to: improve our PE curriculum to include a wider range of physical activities and technologies for objective assessment of physical activity levels and fitness progress, implement the SPARK curriculum, promote nutrition education and collaborate with several valuable community partners to increase opportunities for students to be active and learn healthy eating choices.  This is just a sample of the many benefits this grant will bring.



The students have just completed the first round of fitness testing for our data collection.  This will give us a baseline to see where our students are and look for improvement on our next round of testing. The next round of testing will be March 3-14.  Below are students preparing for the pacer run, the curl-ups and push-ups.



Some students entering their survey data.



   The PEP grant is sponsoring an incentive program for employees to get fit.  The winner will recieve a $25 Wal-mart gift card.


Winner for 1/24/14 -  Belinda Adams.         Winner for 2/7/14 - Misty Rogers



Winner for 2/21/14  - Jody Norris              Winner for 3/7/14






Coach Combs and Coach Weaver getting the after School students active.






The next set of fitness testing will be March 3-14.  Please be sure your child is ready for PE class with proper attire and tennis shoes.



Southern Elementary and the PEP Grant "Let's Get Physical" summer camp.  

June 10- June 24




Camp includes 4 clubs

1. Adventure

2. Indoor/Outdoor games

3. Fitness

4. Cooking/Nutrition


We've just finished our "Let's Get Physical" Summer Camp. The campers received cook books, hand outs of games, personal fitness workout, and created the Racine Geotrail. On the last day the campers had a field day at Star Mill Park and received a t-shirt. 










We are kicking off year 2 of the PEP grant.  Year 1 was very successful as we were able to purchase $15,000 of new PE equipment, training for our staff, implemented fitnessgram testing in our PE program, and developed fitness baselines for our students.  Some plans for year 2 will be starting a fitness unit in grades 3-6, a health unit in grades 3-4, purchasing a greenhouse and developing a garden, installing outdoor fitness equipment, and purchasing more cardio equipment for our fitness center.



Our fitness testing dates for 2014-2015 PEP grant will be September 15-26 and March 2-13.  Please be sure that students try to be in attendance those dates and dressed for physical activity.  The testing will be conducted during their activity classes.


The Power of Food

Dr Robert Dell'Amore presented his Power of Food to the students of The first through eighth grades. He talked about eating healthy and prepared food from his "super foods".  The students assisted in preparing the food and then taste tested their meal.




Literacy night

The PEP grant did games around the world at Literacy night 2014.  There were table tennis, bowling, and dancing.



The last round of testing for the PEP grant this year will be March 2-13.  Pedometers will be passed out on March 2nd.  Please be sure your child returns the pedometers each day so we get accurate readings.


American Heart Association


February 4-17  Donations will be taken.  The main event will take place February 17 at 2pm.

For more infomation Contact Danielle Combs at or call.

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