Counseling Services

We currently have two school counselors for our district. Your child may visit the counselor if they (or you) feel they need support or would like assistance with scheduling, career/college planning, etc.  Your child's teacher may give permission for them to see the counselor when they feel it is an appropriate time.


Mr. Fields is the Jr./Sr. High counselor.  For more

information about Mr. Fields and his services,

please follow the link below.

 Click here to learn about Mr. Fields' and his services 

               Russ Fields



If you believe your child may need counseling on a regular basis, you may want to look into community counseling or school-based counseling. Hopewell Health Centers (formerly Tri-County Mental Health) and Woodland Centers are great resources for this. Both organizations participate in school-based counseling which allows the counselor to talk to the student at the school in our wellness center without the student having to leave or miss many classes. Below are links to both organizations. The school office and wellness center also have information about either of these. 


Hopewell Health Centers:

Woodland Centers:


*Several other counseling resources are available. The school counselor can assist you in finding other resources if you'd like.



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